DOS/Windows 9x Game Reminiscences

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The early-to-mid 90s were, in my humble opinion, the greatest era that computer gaming has ever seen, or will ever see. The perfect "sweet spot" when the medium had finally achieved a significantly massive amount of popularity to attract a great many talented programmers and artists, but had not yet been irreversibly tainted and ravaged by the cancer of <normiefication>. When the advances of computer hardware and developer knowledge had reached a high enough vista to to allow for some truly sophisticated games to be created, but not enough that it was impossible for one or two amateurs with a vision to create a game on their own without assembling a massive team of developers.

I have spent many years of my life since the 90s playing and replaying many of the greatest hits from that era, and have created some <complicated interactive shrines to a number of them> to honour the impact that they had on my life. While shrines currently exist for five of my favourite games, there are many more that I would like to honour, but that I simply do not have enough ideas about to create full-fledged shrines to.

As such, I have decided to create this little sub-section in the interests of describing in written word my experiences with and my feelings on various old games that I have come to love. I will also drop various trivia about them that I have come across over the years. There is lamentably little information about most of these classics on the modern Web, and I would like to do what I can to preserve them.

If you have any interest at all in the Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas games, you may want to take a gander at my <Burrowsville> fan-shrine, which has just about all of the information on their releases that it is possible to find anymore, cobbled together from every piece of promotional material, archived website, developer interview, and so forth that I could track down.

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